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The Affiliates 


The stack system is the ultimate speed training device. Used my numerous PGA tour players to increase their speed including 2022 US Open winner Matt Fitzpatrick. 

The system uses interchangeable weights plus an AI app to maintain and progress your training as your speed increases. Purchase with our link and receive 10% off the price. 


The Neuropeak Pro NTEL BELT is a premier device that revolutionizes performance training through Neuropeak Pro's proprietary Precision Breathing and Heart Rate Variability (HRV) Training.

The NTEL BELT uses Bluetooth technology to connect to the Neuropeak Pro App where you will:

  • Conduct Precision Breathing sessions and monitor HRV in real-time

  • Gain insight into your breathing metrics and progress

  • Learn how to adopt a successful breathing practice with video instruction from our team

  • Unlock instructional content specific to your areas of interest

  • Learn to utilize breathing training in your everyday life to maximize your potential

Purchase with our link and receive a Free years Subscription to the Neuropeak Pro App which normally costs $49.99 USD. 


The GPOD line of phone and tablet holders is one of the best in the business and what I trust when filming clients swings and my content.

The GPOD makes it much easier to attach and detach my phone to analyze my players swings . It has a cradle free design that allows easy one handed use. 

The GPOD is designed with a super light yet strong carbon fiber body to give our backs a break. With a pointed end, it easily inserts into the ground making it much more stable in the wind. No matter how strong the wind is blowing, the camera never shakes or falls off. 

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