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The Indoor Golfers Handbook

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Welcome to the Indoor Golfers Handbook. This video course was designed to help players with their swing and game development in an indoor setting. The occasions when we use an indoor facility are now becoming even more commonplace especially in locations with winter climates. When I would coach and work with players both online and in person I found they were so dedicated and eager to improve but were not quite sure how to use an indoor setting to do that. Whether that was the understanding the technology available, the feedback and how to use it, performance versus technical change and drill that might be more suitable to this environment. So in this course we start with an introduction and discuss feedback and goals. Using specific drills and tasks we highlight performance versus technical change pathways. We highlight some of the technology available to you and how you might use it and lastly we create a sample session for you to use as a template moving forward. I hope you enjoy the course as much as i enjoyed filming and creating it Best Steve

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