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 Coaching 2023

The Venues

I am very excited to be coaching at three venues throughout the 2023 season. I am thrilled to add The Georgian Bay Club, one of the elite venues in Ontario golf, as a facility this year. I will also be available at Batteaux Creek Golf Club once more on Monday and Tuesdays mornings. 

The Georgian Bay Club
gbc profile.jpg
Batteaux Creek
The Golf Club Collingwood
The Golf Club Lessons.jpg

Lesson Pricing plus details for the 2023 season. 

Personal Lesson :  $130 +

  • 60 Minute Lesson

  • 10 Minute TPI Physical Screen if first session.

  • Swing Analysis

  • Video

  • Lesson Review.

  • Practice/Learning Plan.

Semi-Private Lesson :  $180 +

  • 60 Minute Lesson.

  • 2 Person Max Share.

  • Swing Analysis.

  • Video.

  • Lesson Review.

  • Practice/Learning Plan

Package/Commitment Deal  : $520 +

  • 4 x 60 Minute Lessons

  • TPI Physical Screen

  • Swing Analysis

  • Video

  • Hackmotion

  • Pressure Mat

  • Own Coach Now online space to record swings.

  • 4 swing uploads for online analysis, feedback and direction between sessions. 

The Package/Commitment deal is a package of 4 lessons. There is no price reduction but what you receive is an after care or in between session service to help me match your commitment to improving your game. You receive your own coach now space to post one swing review between sessions as well as record your own swings for your personal review and progression perspective. 

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