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shamrocks & Shanks

The Story 

The idea of the Shamrocks & Shanks podcast was originally born out of my desire to get the information I was learning from the best professionals in the golf world out to the everyday golfer. The more I learned from these amazing people the more I realised how little I knew and I began to understand how much we could change and help all golfers by simply giving the accurate information a platform.


The other side of the Podcast was for these successful individuals to help other coaches and professionals in their own careers whether through actual learning during the show or the opening of a door of information for later. 

Overall I think i really wanted to inspire people the way my guests had inspired me. Do what you love they say....... 

All episode of the Podcast Apple and Spotify Download links. 

Episode 1: Doug Lawrie

Episode 3: Stephen Sweeney

Episode 5: Karl Morris

Episode 7: Jason Sutton

Episode 9:

Episode 11:

Episode 13:

Episode 15:

Episode 17:

Episode 19:

Episode 21:

Episode 2: Dr.Will Wu

Episode 4: Gareth Raflweski

Episode 6: Barry Lane

Episode 8: Mark Bull

Episode 10:

Episode 12:

Episode 14:

Episode 16:

Episode 18:

Episode 20:

Episode 21:

Episode 22:

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